A Recipe for Mixing Yarns

Would you like to mix and match yarns together, but aren’t sure how to go about it?

Stay in the same color family, but mix it up with:

  • 1 solid yarn with cotton, bamboo, or plant fiber
  • 1 sparkly yarn
  • 1 variegated yarn

crochet scarf

This quick scarf I worked up combines Malabrigo Rios,  Kollage Glisten, and Berroco Weekend.

What’s your favorite yarn mixing recipe?


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2 Responses to A Recipe for Mixing Yarns

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  2. Doug says:

    When I was in Colorado for a work trip last year this time(ish), I took a class in making a “Bohemian Scarf” at the Longmont Yarn Shoppe. The instructor, Debby, had us pick out three different yarns (I bought them at the store since my stash doesn’t travel with me :-) ), a thick/chunky yarn, a thinner (DKish or maybe just a size smaller) and a funky Art yarn. We used the same size hook (N) on all three. Since then I’ve made a few more and have been collecting various art yarns for additional ones. I try to keep the yarn colors compatible, but I’m not sure if you’d say they were in the same family, esp. as the art yarns tend to be a jumble of colors… :-)

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