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I’m sitting at the computer right now, but all I really want to do is sit outside in the sun and work on a shawl I’m knitting. Alas, work obligations are preventing that.

There is a certain joy to the things we do without outside obligations: buying a present for someone just because, making a fancy dinner because you feel like it, and knitting or crocheting whatever you please.

Close up of the yarn skein

Close up of the yarn skein

At the recent TNNA trade show, I won a gift basket that included the most gorgeous skein of yarn. It’s Trinity Worsted from Sweet Georgia in the Cherry Blossom colorway. 70% Merino, 20% Cashmere, 10% Silk – 100% YUMM. This particular colorway has bright pink that merges into a deep pink and dark brown that lightens into bits of cream. I. Love. It.

I’ve wound it up into a center-pull ball, and I’m just waiting for inspiration to strike. I can make whatever I like- no obligations.

Do you have a no-obligation project? Something you’re making just because you feel like it?

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  1. What lovely yarn!

    At her New Year’s Eve party, my friend Katie cleaned out her attic and gave me 2 plastic totes full of yarn. I made them into kits for my newly knitting niece, my friend who wants to knit more but doesn’t have a yarn budget, and myself. So far I’ve made several hats, the robot sweater my 11 year old has wanted ever since he saw it over my shoulder on Ravelry, and I’m halfway through crocheting the sparkly paisley flower fairy dress my daughter asked for.

    I was going to give the sparkle yarn to the library’s yarn club, but my daughter got to it first. I said I’d make her a dress with it if she drew out her ideas on a croquis first, and she did, so I am. That’s not exactly an obligation craft though, we never agreed on a deadline.

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