Project Count Down

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So I normally judge how long I think a project will take by the number of skeins it will take. So I leave more time for a 5 skein project than a 3 skein-er. I also take into account the size of the skein, b/c that 25g ball of cashmere is going to go a lot faster than, say, the …

Missing Crochet Hooks

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I’m working on a new project. I’m using an F-hook. I’ve been using the F (3.75mm) hook a lot lately. It’s not just because F is my favorite for a dk weight yarn. It’s because I can’t find my clover soft touch G hook. It’s pulled a disappearing act. So I’ll be buying another one Monday. And, yes, I have …

Crochet & Knit Toolkit: Stitch Markers

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Whenever you start learning to knit or crochet you accumulate a large number of needles and hooks very quickly. If you stick with it long enough, your stitch marker stash increases also. Stitch markers are a fantastic tool. You can use them to mark a specific stitch, the increase point on a shawl, mark pattern repeat sections, mark the beginning …

Monday Monday

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Sunday night has left me exhausted from a marathon session of weaving in ends. Stay tuned for Wednesday’s post where I do the first in an ongoing series on crochet and knit notions.

Crochet Pattern: Free Spirit Tote

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The April addition to the Poetry in Yarn pattern line is now available! It’s the Free Spirit Tote. I’m calling this the Free Spirit Tote because I didn’t have a plan when I started making this. I new it would be a bag, but that was it. I literally decided round by round what I wanted to do. It made …

Crochet Pattern Photo Shoot

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So today’s activity was taking photos for the release of the Free Spirit Tote. I rearranged furniture for some indoors shots, and then I headed outside to take advantage of the nice weather. Here is a wider shot showing the bag set up on a white backdrop (posterboard). I set it on the ground while I took photos from the …

Welcome, Hola, and Shalom!

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Welcome to the brand spankin’ new start of the Poetry in Yarn Blog! I’ll be updating this blog 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), so stop by often for the latest happenings. So, what sort of stuff can you expect to see here? Behind the scenes info about upcoming patterns Tips to make your crochet and knit time …