Shop Your Stash

One of the big new year’s resolutions I see going around is people committing to knit or crochet projects using yarn they already have. Whether your stash of yarn takes up a box or a bedroom, here are some thoughts for working from your stash: 1. Catalog it – It’s hard to make use of what you have if you …

Needlearts News

Today Only! Preview sale of the new Knitcircus Yarns How a sheep in a knitted jumper could revolutionize computer animation N. Van yarn bombers dismayed by pilfered piece of knitting

Yarn Pimp My Ride

I’m looking at getting a new vehicle. In addition to concerns about cost and safety ratings, I’m considering how to best yarnify my new ride. I could crochet a steering wheel cover or maybe mount a yarn swift on the back. Ok, my husband would probably veto that last one. Point is, I’m so into yarn, that there must be …

Photos of My Favorite Things

A while back I tried taking a picture of a mint tin with my iPhone, but I couldn’t get a very clear picture of such a small object. I saw something online about macro lenses (for close-up photography) that you can purchase to use with your phone’s camera, so I ordered one online. It doesn’t work for taking a picture …

Yarn Shot Glasses

Just because it’s Friday – sources for yarn themed shot glasses. Bread and Badger features a ball of yarn with crossed knitting needles. Ravelry shot glasses have the words “frogged” and “ripped”. On Hooks and Needles via Cafe Press – “there is no such thing as too much yarn”.